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Bile Acid Precursors Analysis

Quantitation of 2 precursors of bile acid synthesis (7α-OH chol-4-esten-3-one and 7α,12α-diOH chol-4-esten-3-one) in in human and rodent plasma/serum, bile, tissues, cells, cecal content, brain, neurons, urine and feces by UPLC-(+)MRM/MS.

Minimum Amount Required

Tissue 10 mg
Cell 2x10^6
Blood/plasma/serum 50 µL
Urine 50 µL
Plant N/A

Academic Price

$200 1st sample; $60 each additional sample

Industry Price

$400 1st sample; $120 each additional sample


Bile acid synthesis, blood brain barrier

Compound Classes

Bile acid precursors, C4


7α-OH chol-4-esten-3-one
7α,12α-diOH chol-4-esten-3-one

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