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Acyl CoAs assay

Quantitation of CoA synthesis precursors and free, short to very long-chain acyl CoAs by UPLC-MRM/MS

Minimum Amount Required

Cell 2x10^6
Tissue 10 mg

Academic Price

$400 1st sample; $60 each additional sample

Industry Price

$800 1st sample; $120 each additional sample


Fatty acid metabolism and coenzyme A (Co A) synthesis

Compound Classes

CoA precursor, free and short to very long chain acyl CoAs


Acetyl CoA
Propionyl CoA
Lactyl CoA
Malonyl CoA
Butyryl CoA
Isobutyryl CoA
Methylmalonyl CoA
Succinyl CoA
Acetoacetyl CoA
3 Hydroxybutyryl CoA
Crotonyl CoA
β Hydroxyisovaleryl CoA
Glutaryl CoA
Isovaleryl CoA
Hexanoyl CoA
Benzoyl CoA
Octanoyl CoA
Decanoyl CoA
Lauroyl CoA
Myristoyl CoA
Palmitoloyl CoA
Palmitoleoyl CoA
Heptadecanoyl CoA
Stearoyl CoA
Oleoyl CoA
18:0(α OH) CoA
18:2 CoA
18:3 CoA
Arachidonoyl CoA
Eicosapentaenoyl CoA
22:0 CoA
24:0 CoA

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