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Genome BC Proteomics Centre

The UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre is the central hub of the Pan-Canadian Proteomics Centre, Genome Canada’s Genomics Technology Platforms for proteomics technology development and service. In addition, the PC is a founding member of The Metabolomics Innovation Centre, Canada’s leading metabolomics facility, focused on quantitative metabolomics.  The Centre has been providing mass spectrometry analytical services to academic, industrial, and government laboratories for over 30 years.


Our program supports ongoing research of novel methods in the areas of biomarker identification and characterization, bioinformatics, metabolomics  and quantitative, structural, and clinical proteomics


The Centre offers a broad range of analytical services including custom assay development, targeted and untargeted quantitation, and protein  characterization.

Bioinformatics Tools

Our Bioinformatics team develops publically available software tools supporting the design of quantitative assays and proteomic databases to improve the quality and efficiency of the data analysis


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