MALDI Imaging

principle MALDI imagingprinciple MALDI imaging

MALDI imaging is a technique that allows for 2-dimensional spatial resolution of proteins and small molecules in tissue. In this technique, a thin slice of tissue is placed onto a MALDI target plate and coated with a matrix. The plate is then placed into a mass spectrometer and data is acquired under a fine laser beam. The result is a 2-dimensional optical image of the tissue slice that shows that mass spectral peaks of interest.

Our focus at the Centre is to apply a novel acquisition technique known as Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) to the acquisition of MALDI imaging data. This technique promises to be more sensitive and selective than traditional MALDI imaging and will offer the ability to perform absolute quantitation on the analyte of interest.
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Rat brain MALDI imagingRat brain MALDI imaging

maldi imaging poster RGB 600 dpimaldi imaging poster RGB 600 dpi