The Centre offers a wide variety of services to academic, industry, and government clients. The following service list is not definitive. For information on services not listed here, please contact the Centre.

96 well plate

Featured Services

Price List

Service Cost for academia* Cost for industry
Intact Mass Determination

ESI/MALDI $100 $200

Protein Identification


In gel band digest with db search $250/200 (>20 samples) $500/400 (>20 samples)
In solution digest with db search $400 $800

Relative Quantitation

LC-MS/MS - Dimethylation, no fractionation $500 $1,000
ITRAQ $4,250 $8,500

Absolute Quantitation

Per Sample (Greater than 85 samples) $135 $270
Per Sample (Less than 85 samples) - Additional set up fee applicable $120 $240
Set up fee for less than 85 samples $1,300 $2,600


Manual ESI (hour) $100 $200
TiO2 Enrichment for phosphopeptides $100 $200

Metabolomics Services

Please visit the Metabolomics Innovation Centre Website for a complete list of metabolomics services.

*The academic prices are for Canadian public sector funded research.