Posters from the 59th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry & Allied Topics

June 5-9th, 2011
Denver, CO

For attendees of the conference, the video of Jason Serpa presenting his talk entitled "Proteinase K Non-Specific Digestion for the Comprehensive Identification of Interpeptide Crosslinks: Application to Prion Proteins" can be viewed here. You will need your login info to view the presentation.

For those who did not attend ASMS, the slides from the presentation are available below along with all posters presented by UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre.

Oral Presentations

Using Proteinase K for Non-Specific Digestion and Comprehensive Identificatoin of Interpeptide Crosslinks: Application to Prion Proteins


Accurate Quantitative Determination of the Reproducibilities and Efficiencies of Cartridge and Column-based Depletion Methods for Plasma Proteins using Multiplexed MRM

An evaluation of dithranol as a MALDI matrix for tissue imaging by MALDI FTICR MS

Determining the Absolute Stoichiometry of Phosphorylation Sites by Multiplex MRM - Studying Phosphorylation Events of Estrogen Receptor in Breast Cancer

Development of a Mass Spectrometry-Based Assay for Measurement of Angiotensin-I and Plasma Renin Activity to Diagnose Secondary Hypertension

Highly multiplexed MRM assay for the rapid profiling of 168 plasma proteins using an Agilent 6490 TQMS

Improved Protein Detection and Quantification using Immunodepletion

Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics for phenotypic differentiation of four Citrus fruits

Multiplex-MRM Analysis of Human Proteins Obtained from Dried Bloods Spots

Structural Proteomics Characterization of Prion Protein Aggregation

Systematic profiling of organic compounds in oil sands region waters using complementary liquid-liquid extractions and ultra high resolution FTICR-MS

The Development of a Targeted Quantitative Assay for Cerebral Spinal Fluid Proteins