The UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre operates an extensive collection of state-of-the art instruments, including 15 mass spectrometers and 11 liquid chromatography systems.

Agilent Technologies 6410 Triple Quad LC/MSAgilent Technologies 6410 Triple Quad LC/MS Two Agilent Technologies Triple Quad LC/MS 6490 systems ABI Sciex 4000ABI Sciex 4000 Four Applied Biosystems/Sciex Quadrupole Ion Trap (Two QTRAP 4000 and Two QTRAP 2000) mass spectrometers with an optional MALDI source
ABI Sciex QTRAPABI Sciex QTRAP Two Applied Biosystems/Sciex Quadrupole/Time of Flight/ (QSTAR) mass spectrometers with an optional oMALDI interface ABI 4800ABI 4800 Two Applied Biosystems 4800 MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometers
ABI DE-STRABI DE-STR Applied Biosystems Voyager DE-STR MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer FT ICRFT ICR Bruker 12 Tesla FTICR-MS with a dual nano-electrospray and MALDI source
Bruker Ultraflex IIIBruker Ultraflex III Bruker Ultraflex III MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer Waters Synapt HDMS with a temperature controlled sourceWaters Synapt HDMS with a temperature controlled source Waters Synapt HDMS
Thermo Scientific Orbitrap VelosThermo Scientific Orbitrap Velos Thermo Scientific LTQ Velos Orbitrap with Easy nLC-II Nano Liquid Chromatography pumpsNano Liquid Chromatography pumps Six Nano Liquid Chromatography pumps
Waters Acquity UPLC(our photo)Waters Acquity UPLC(our photo) Waters nano Acquity UPLC system and Waters capillary Acquity UPLC system ABI Vision HPLCABI Vision HPLC Applied Biosystems Vision HPLC system
HPLCHPLC One nanoflow Ultimate HPLC 3000 system and two high flow rate Ultimate HPLC 3000 systems Protein Technologies Prelude Peptide SynthesizerProtein Technologies Prelude Peptide Synthesizer Protein Technologies Inc. Peptide Synthesizer
Tecan Freedom EVO 150Tecan Freedom EVO 150 Tecan Freedom EVO 150 Liquid Handling System

The UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre also operates a Bruker ImagePrep system for MALDI tissue imaging, an Investigator Progest system for in-gel digestion procedures, a Microcrom Cryostat for tissue sectioning, two Probot fraction spotters and one Shimadzu Accuspot nanospotter for MALDI plate preparation.